Turning Points


As a member of The Parliament / Funkadelic, Calvin was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame. Calvin is a proven winner. He has triumphed again and again in the face of adversity. His steadfast faith in Jesus Christ has prompted Calvin to sing His praises. Calvin has chosen to be a servant to the Lord and now uses his talents to God’s glory!

It was after Calvin found The Lord, that thing begin to change, and new paths in the music industry would present itself.

At First Calvin spent most of his time, when not in the studio, developing his own production company, Simon Sayz Productions; This includes his record company. Simon Sayz Recording, which opened it’s doors as a full service record label in 2003.

By The Spring of 2004 the labels first release,  “Share the News” , Calvin’s first solo CD. published through Par Golf Music, on the Simon Sayz Recording Label. This Album Release “Share the News” went to 21 on the billboard charts, and was still moving up when, what was later deemed a blessing in disguise, forced Calvin to pull the Album.

In 2004, while in the midst of arranging a tour for the album release, Calvin was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. But Calvin’s faith and prayer, once again brought him through the dilemma and with the help of great doctors, he was able to successfully remove and treat the nodes that were putting pressure on his vocal cords. Calvin took this as divine intervention and while recovering found other callings that would also allow him to serve the Lord.

Below are just a few of the highlights that transpired thru out the next several years.

calvin-simon-baptismIn 2004 The Simon family helped build and dedicate the new building for the Sky Baptist Church. It was within this very building that Calvin would re-affirm his love for the Lord and be re-baptized.

Click Here to go to Calvin’s You Tube page to view his Baptism as well as the ABC News Clips of Calvin Simon at the Sky Baptist Church dedication.calvin-simon-testimony


cal22004 Calvin joined the Canidian BIRDIES which stands for Busy group who Involve themselves in Rendering help and Doing Acts of kindness In the community that Enables others to Succeed! What a better way to recover then to help others.  Click here to read the blog post with the full story.



In 2013 , Calvin was to morn the loss of Jennifer Simon, his wife and life long companion. Diagnosed with Cancer in late 2012, the reason for the closing in 2004 of the newly formed recording company “Simon Sayz Recordings” and album release of ” Share The News” became apparent. God knew of the trial that was to follow and saw fit to bless Calvin and Jennifer with quality time free of the hustles and time restraints demanded of a music career. God also knew that the timing of the record company would have been in complete conflict down the road, when Jennifer would need Calvin the most. Because of First Calvin’s previous Illness and then Jennifer’s diagnosis to follow, Calvin and Jennifer were able to spend many quality years prior to her passing, enjoying each others company.

calvin-simon-intl-coverHaving decided after his own throat surgery that his music career was over, it was not until a Divine Intervention in the form of a dream in the spring of 2016, that Calvin was given the task to continue his music career. The vision of what would soon become the next album cover so inspired Calvin, that he decided to start writing music again. So anointed was the project, that the music poured out of him. In a record 9 weeks from start to finish, the newest addition to Calvin’s discography is now for sale at CD Baby. Click here to go to his merchandise page for purchasing information!