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The Digital Breakdown Announces Calvin Simons Newest Release

Posted on November 19, 2016 by Maddy Agers in Music, Music News

Rock & Roll Hall-of-Famer Releases Solo Album

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member and one of the original founding members of the funk, soul group Parliament Funkadelic, Calvin Simon, releases his latest solo Gospel album, It’s Not Too Late. The project was produced by Simon and features eight new songs written and performed by the talented artist. The record features such heartfelt ballads as “Needing Someone (It’s Not Too Late)” and “A Soldiers Story,” with the latter tune having special meaning for Simon since he is a war veteran. But time hasn’t diminished Simon’s “funk” side with songs like “Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine,” “Sorrow Street,” and “Power Of Love.” It’s Not Too Late is now available online at all digital music outlets.

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Member, Calvin Simon, Releases New Gospel Album “It’s Not Too Late”

Nov. 18, 2016 Bozeman Media released today….

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Member, Calvin Simon, Releases New Gospel Album “It’s Not Too Late”

Tampa, Fla. (Nov. 18, 2016) —- Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member and one of the original founding members of the funk, soul group Parliament Funkadelic, Calvin Simon, releases his latest solo Gospel album, It’s Not Too Late. The project was produced by Simon and features eight new songs written and performed by the talented artist. The record features such heartfelt ballads as “Needing Someone (It’s Not Too Late)” and “A Soldiers Story,” with the latter tune having special meaning for Simon since he is a war veteran. But time hasn’t diminished Simon’s “funk” side with songs like “Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine,” “Sorrow Street,” and “Power Of Love.” It’s Not Too Late is now available online at all digital music outlets.

“This project came to me in a dream, and from that day forward I knew what I needed to do to spread the Good News about the love of Jesus Christ,” said Simon. “I could not believe the power, and what I can only call divine intervention, that pushed me to bring this album to completion. It was like everybody involved felt the same love, and in no time, had coined the phrase Sanctified Funk when referring to the record. I know the Lord’s hand guided me on every note, and I am amazed at the reactions I witness when someone listens!”

It’s Not Too Late is the second solo album from Simon, as he released Share The News in 2004 that marked his first foray into the Christian-Gospel music market. The project reached No. 21 on Billboard’s Gospel Albums chart, when Simon was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and all efforts to support the record, including a tour, had to be cancelled. Simon’s strength during his recovery was aided by his faith, which began as a child growing up in Beckley, West Virginia and rededicating his life to Christ in 2002 with a second baptism. After such a long journey of recovery, and nursing his wife who died in 2013 from bone cancer, the album’s title, It’s Not Too Late, signifies the power and grace of God for those who reach out to Him. Simon’s life story was chronicled in a 700 Club interview when Share The News was released and may be viewed here: http://bit.ly/2f2271S.

Despite Simon’s personal hardships, he has enjoyed a stellar career as a member of The Parliaments and Parliament Funkadelic for 20 years that resulted in 15 Gold and seven Platinum albums, along with the prestigious induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Simon and three other founding members of Parliament Funkadelic formed a new band Original P, and when the group disbanded, the music legend developed a production company and record company, Par Golf Music Productions/Simon Sayz Recordings, which led to Simon becoming a solo Gospel artist.

Calvin Simon with his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Award

“It’s Not Too Late” track listing:

  1. “Needing Someone (It’s Not Too Late)”
  2. “The Holy One”
  3. “Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine”
  4. “Sorrow Street”
  5. “A Soldiers Story”
  6. “Power Of Love”
  7. “In My Fathers House”
  8. “I Am A Soldier”

Premier Guitar: Parliament Funkadelic: A Funk Guitar Roundtable

Parliament Funkadelic: A Funk Guitar Roundtable

Tzvi Gluckin March 08, 2016

A group shot of the early Funkadelic ensemble circa 1970. Standing, left to right: Clarence “Fuzzy” Haskins, Lucius “Tawl” Ross, Bernie Worrell, Ramon “Tiki” Fulwood, Grady Thomas, George Clinton, Calvin Simon, Ray Davis.
Seated: Eddie Hazel and Billy “Bass” Nelson (supine).

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Tzvi Gluckin is a freelance writer and musician. In 1991, he was backstage at the Ritz in NYC and stood next to Bootsy Collins. His life was never the same. He lives in Boston. Follow him on Twitter @TheRealTzvi

What a Trip…..BIRDIES Invitational

Had A wonderful experience that I feel compelled to share….

(Whether your a Golf enthusiast like myself or just enjoy a great story, this is a part of our history.)

cal1The first part of my journey took me to East Canton, Ohio, where I was both honored and privilaged to meet Bill & Rene’e Powell. The Owners of Clearview Golf Club. The story goes that “when Bill Powell encountered racial discrimination on the golf course after returning home from World War II, he decided to build his own place to play, one where people of all colors would be welcome.” The course is today the only course designed, built, owned, and operated by an African American.  Clearview was named a National Historic Site by the U.S. Department of the Interior in 2000.  It garnered Ohio Historic Site recognition the same year. I encourage you to take a moment and click on this link for a more detailed account of the course, the history and a general overview of an incredible accomplishment of the Powell Family:  http://www.clearview-gc.com

From there my travels took me to Virginia. Back in 2004 I join a Golfing Club called the “Canadian Birdies”. Birdies Stands for

Busy group who

Involve themselves in 

Rendering help and 

Doing Acts of kindness

In the community that

Enables others to


cal2So every year all the Birdies Groups from across the USA and Canada get together and compete for Braggin’ Rights at “Birdies Invitational.” This is a 2 day charity event to support the “Homeless Children’s Home” located in Virginia. The event was held at two different golf courses. The first Day was at the Cardinal Golf Club, in Ft. Lee, Virginia. The second day was at the Jordan Point Golf Course in Prince George, Virginia. Both beautiful courses and I am extremely happy to report, this year Marvin Wilson and Calvin Simon (yes that would be me!) are the “2005 Champions”  with a 64 score! That me with the trophy that is on display in the Birdie room at the Children’s Home. And on a more personal note, I also brought home the “Long Drive – Male – 2005” trophy, and First Place Virginia Birdies Invitationals.

Over all a wonderful and relaxing trip.

In Loving Memory of Ray Davies

I would like to dedicate this page to my friend of 43 years, 

Ray Davis, the man with the deepest voice in the world!



Born-3-29-1940 – Died-7-5-2005

Ray leaves behind a son Derick whom he was very proud of. Special thanks to his life companion, Barbi L Black, for taking such great care. I had never seen him more content or more in love in all the years I knew him. Because of this I love her too.

Ray and Myself shared a unique friendship for over 43 years. We shared a Journey through life that held through all of the up’s and downs. I know that on that joyful day when we meet again- we shall once again sing together – side by side – forever in the hallelujah chorus! Farwell, I love you and you are missed, but you or your voice will never be forgotten.

PBS airs – Parliament Funkadelic – One Nation Under a Groove

Read about the Movie “One Nation Under a Groove” and get more of the story…..

“In PARLIAMENT FUNKADELIC, interviews with the original Parliaments—the late Ray Davis, Calvin Simon, Grady Thomas and Clarence “Fuzzy” Haskins—take place in a virtual barber shop…..”



The Early Days: The Fifties and Sixties

It all began in Newark, New Jersey in the mid-1950s, when George Clinton formed a doo-wop group, with three school chums, called the Parliaments. Later, in Plainfield, New Jersey, Ray Davis, Calvin Simon, Fuzzy Haskins and Grady Thomas replaced the original members and tightened up their harmonies in the barbershop where George did hair. By the 1960s, they had recorded a few pop and R&B songs including the R&B hit, “(I Wanna) Testify,” which reached the charts in 1967. But by the late 1960s, doo-wop had all but lost its cool.

Read Entire Story Here as it appears On Independent Lens


Share The News On The Charts


Billboard Magazine, July, 17th, 2004

 “Share the News”, by Calvin Simon, a new gospel-funk CD Comes on the Billboard Gospel charts this week at number 32 with a bullet!week1

Billboard Magazine, July, 31st, 2004

“Share the News”, By Calvin Simon, continues it’s climb to the top of the Billboard Gospel charts this week at number 28 with a bullet!



Billboard Magazine, August 11th, 2004

 “Share the News”, By Calvin Simon, after a brief pause to catch it’s breath, jumps up to number 21 with a bullet!




Calvin Appears on 700 Club – World Wide!

700club-logo and Calvin Simon

In 2004, Calvin appeared on the 700 Club, giving a moving and heartfelt testimony,  that left the switchboards at the 700 club a bit busier then usual. This incredible story was one of the most moving testimony’s to hit with this kind of impact in a while. Sources say that the 700 Club received 3 times the regular call-ins as a result of his story. In this story, Calvin shared the turning points which brought him to his present convictions in music, and his decision to follow Gods path with this and all endeavors. 

To View the full story….


Dr. Brookenstein Reviews Original P

Original P At Tramps – New York City 
(w/ Fuzzy Haskins, Calvin Simon, Grady Thomas & Ray Davis) 

I arrived an hour early to witness the historical coming of the Original
“P” to the Big Apple.  If you don’t know, Original “P” is headed by four
of the five original Parliaments (Fuzzy Haskins, Calvin Simon, Grady
Thomas and Ray Davis).  The group also consists of “sons of the P”,
Derrick Davis (son of Ray) and Gene Thomas (son of Grady and one-time
member of Plainfield’s new-generation funk group, Funk-Kin).

At 9:20pm, a funk-rock group My Brother’s Dream started the show with 50
minutes of heavy-duty, slamming rock music laced with a taste of funk.  I
can’t say what they performed because I am not familiar with their
material, but they were very, very good!  Their set ended at 10:10pm.

At 10:40pm, the Original “P” took it to the stage.  The band members
stepped onstage, followed by the “Big 4” themselves (Fuzzy, Calvin, Grady
& Ray)!!  The band members included Derrick Davis (bass), Bataan
(keyboards, sax, flute), Douglas Knight-Smith (keyboards), Billy Simms
(guitar), Gene Thomas (lead guitar), Ben Powers, Jr. (drums), and Pete
Pisarczyk (keyboards).  The ladies of the group are Jackie Love, Sonya
Holmes and Emerald Davis.

The band performed an amazingly soulful version of the Parliament’s hit
“I Wanna Testify”, a funky-%#$ version of “The Goose That Laid The Golden
Egg”, and a really smokin’ version of “Standing on the Verge of Getting It
On”. “Cosmic Slop” was so good that the walls began to melt from the hot
guitar licks & sweet vocals of Gene Thomas. Ray’s vocals on “Cosmic Slop”,
“Tear The Roof Off The Sucka” and “Pumpin’ It Up” sent a seismic wave
throughout Manhattan of magnitude 7.0!!!   But the best came when the band
performed “Red Hot Momma”…their rendition was so hot that the sprinklers
went off in the building and everyone was more than thoroughly
soaked…..especially hot was the LONG guitar solos by Gene Thomas and
Billy Mims…..YEAH!!!!

They performed some new tracks from their upcoming debut album, among them
a funky song called “Party”.  They performed a new slow song about their
journey from the early beginnings of the Parliaments to Original P, called
“35 Years”….it was lovely!  They performed two more funky songs from
their new project called “Funk For You” and “What’s That Shakin’ Behind
You Right There”, of which the latter will soon be released as a single.
Fuzzy mentioned that the new album should be out in the next few days, but
I wish that they had copies of the new CD at the gig! Original P performed
a rousing version of “Flashlight” and “Bop Gun”. “Maggot Brain” was nice,
but the flute makes the song sound somewhat weaker!

By the way, Douglas Knight-Smith has a funky-^&%* voice, somewhat in the
vein of Garry Shider….he sang the $%#* out of “Bop Gun (Endangered
Species)” and his scatting/singing in the middle of “(Not Just) Knee Deep”
was superb!  Oh….one more thing, did I already say that Billy Mims can
REALLY play the guitar……%^&*$!  Grady was fanning his towel at Billy,
to keep him from being overheated during one of his amazing solos.  ‘Twas so
funky in the club that it was getting to be too much for me….I almost
broke out a can of air freshener to neutralize the heavy-duty smelly
funk!!  Okay….one LAST thing, every @#$$# in the club went crazy when the
group did a nasty version of “Music For My Mother”!!!

The track listing:

Night of The Thumpasorus Peoples
Standing on the Verge of Getting It On
Pumpin’ It Up
Up For The Down Stroke
Tear The Roof Off The Sucka
I Wanna Testify
The Goose
Cosmic Slop
Atomic Dog
Party  (new song)
Maggot Brain
Bop Gun (Endangered Species)
Knee Deep
One Nation Under a Groove
Stomp  (originally by Kirk Franklin)
35 Years  (new song)
P-Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up)
Funk For You  (new song)
What’s That Shakin’ Behind You Right There  (new song)


Mothership Connection (Starchild)
Music For My Mother

The set ended at 1:15am, but the 10-minute encore began at 1:20am!!

If Original “P” is coming to your area, rush to the venue to check them

The Hatchet – Review of Original P

This article appeared in the September 3, 1998 issue of the Hatchet.


Silver sequins, go-go boots and funkateers invaded The Bayou Sunday night in anticipation of The Original Parliament’s unmistakable funk.

After all, it is funkadelic. What could be expected?

Fuzzy Haskins, Grady Thomas, Calvin Simon and Ray Davis strutted in full costume, playing P-Funk classics such as “Flashlight,” “Cosmic Slop,” “Atomic Dog” and “Testify.”

Glitter, psychedelic lights and trippy ’70s costumes weaved with a mind-blowing groove to energize the crowd into a frenzy for two and a half hours at the Georgetown venue. The group’s unique look and sound made the performance unforgettable.


Read the review in it’s entirety HERE