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Sirius Radio and Calvin Simon

Just wanted to share a few photos of my recent visit to Sirius Studios in NY to interview on the program Busted Halo. The studios were amazing, the people more so. So any of you with Sirius XM, please check out the interview here and enjoy the photo’s!



Calvin Simon appears on Cornerstone Network’s show Real Life

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Calvin Simon brings his gospel music with a groove to “RealLife”. On June 20th, Don and Teri Black the host of “Real Life” included 2 live performances from Calvin Simon’s new CD “It’s Not Too Late”

Cornerstone Television utilizes Christian television and the Internet as powerful tools our Lord has given to touch a world He loves.  In using this powerful tool Cornerstone Television seeks to entertain, evangelize, and edify.

Click here to see the program in it’s entirety

Calvin Simon Garners Strong Support with Current Album “It’s Not Too Late

Calvin Simon’s new Album showing great promise! As reported by “Hallels” review….

Click here to Read more on the support “It’s not too Late” is getting in the Christian community.

Hallels.com has been online since 2012, serving the Christian community as a web portal, sharing Christian music news, album, book and movie reviews and stories about the Christian faith and the people who live it.

…..It’s Not Too Late garners an A rating.

Markos Papadatos music review in “The Digital Journal” had this to say about Calvin’s new CD It’s Not Too Late “…..It’s Not Too Late garners an A rating.” Click Here to read the entire review in it’s entirety!

Markos Papadatos
Editor-at-Large based in Long Island, New York, United States.
Expertise in Food, dining & restaurants, Education, Celebrities, Music, Entertainment,   and  Concerts

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/entertainment/music/review-calvin-simon-back-with-new-christian-album-it-s-not-too-late/article/494839

Calvin Simon appears on CTN show “The Good Life”

Check out Calvin Simon as he appeared on “The Good Life” Hosted by CTN Founder & President Bob and Jane D’Andrea. In addition to his live performances during the show, Calvin shares his testimony and experiences that have brought him to his latest CD.

CLICK HERE to see the show as it was televised in April 2017.

The Good Life is the flagship program for The Christian Television Network, hosted by Bob D’Andrea president and founder of CTN and his wife Jane. The Good Life program is an hour of exciting programming featuring music and interviews with some of todays Christian leaders.

Calvin Simon on Border Crossings – April 12th, 2017

Calvin Simon’s appearance on International Radio VOA1 (Voice of America) Program: “Border Crossings” with host Larry London. CLICK HERE to hear the entire interview as it was broadcast on April 12th, 2017.

Calvin Simon greeted by Felicia, the producer of Border Crossings

Calvin’s recent travels found him in Washington DC for his appearance on “Border Crossings”, where he was able to showcase his newest CD – “It’s Not Too Late”. The interview includes 4 songs from the album, as well as a chance for Calvin to share some of his background that brought the creation of the new songs and CD.

Calvin Simon with Larry London Host of Border Crossings

Tampa Bay Times – Calvin Simon interview 2017

Former Funkadelic vocalist now singing a new message

Click HERE to read story On-LINE

Calvin Simon – Featured in Tampa Bay Tidbits Dec 2016

Dec 2016- Tampa Bay Tidbits Features Calvin Simon

“He’s Got the Music In Him”


View the Online Version Here – Page 24


Path Magazine -Feat. Calvin Simon – It’s Not Too Late

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member and one of the original founding members of the funk, soul group Parliament Funkadelic, Calvin Simon, releases his latest solo Gospel album, It’s Not Too Late. The project was produced by Simon and features eight new songs written and performed by the talented artist.

The record features such heartfelt ballads as “Needing Someone (It’s Not Too Late)” and “A Soldiers Story,” with the latter tune having special meaning for Simon since he is a war veteran. But time hasn’t diminished Simon’s “funk” side with songs like “Jesus Is A Friend Of Mine,” “Sorrow Street,” and “Power Of Love.” It’s Not Too Late is now available online at all digital music outlets.

“This project came to me in a dream, and from that day forward I knew what I needed to do to spread the Good News about the love of Jesus Christ,” said Simon. “I could not believe the power, and what I can only call divine intervention, that pushed me to bring this album to completion……

Read the full story HERE

About Kris Patrick

Publisher Kris Patrick founded Path MEGAzine in 2007. A video producer by trade and head of Parallel Path Entertainment. A journalist and syndicated on-air personality heard in over 50 markets nationally. Follow Kris on Twitter @TheKrisPatrick

Christian Rockers on-Line – Announce Calvin Simon’s Newest Release

Calvin Simon Releases New Gospel Album, “It’s Not Too Late”


Quote from Article

“This project came to me in a dream, and from that day forward I knew what I needed to do to spread the Good News about the love of Jesus Christ,” said Simon. “I could not believe the power, and what I can only call divine intervention, that pushed me to bring this album to completion. It was like everybody involved felt the same love, and in no time, had coined the phrase Sanctified Funk when referring to the record. I know the Lord’s hand guided me on every note, and I am amazed at the reactions I witness when someone listens!”

Read the Article in it’s entirety Here