What a Trip…..BIRDIES Invitational

Had A wonderful experience that I feel compelled to share….

(Whether your a Golf enthusiast like myself or just enjoy a great story, this is a part of our history.)

cal1The first part of my journey took me to East Canton, Ohio, where I was both honored and privilaged to meet Bill & Rene’e Powell. The Owners of Clearview Golf Club. The story goes that “when Bill Powell encountered racial discrimination on the golf course after returning home from World War II, he decided to build his own place to play, one where people of all colors would be welcome.” The course is today the only course designed, built, owned, and operated by an African American.  Clearview was named a National Historic Site by the U.S. Department of the Interior in 2000.  It garnered Ohio Historic Site recognition the same year. I encourage you to take a moment and click on this link for a more detailed account of the course, the history and a general overview of an incredible accomplishment of the Powell Family:  http://www.clearview-gc.com

From there my travels took me to Virginia. Back in 2004 I join a Golfing Club called the “Canadian Birdies”. Birdies Stands for

Busy group who

Involve themselves in 

Rendering help and 

Doing Acts of kindness

In the community that

Enables others to


cal2So every year all the Birdies Groups from across the USA and Canada get together and compete for Braggin’ Rights at “Birdies Invitational.” This is a 2 day charity event to support the “Homeless Children’s Home” located in Virginia. The event was held at two different golf courses. The first Day was at the Cardinal Golf Club, in Ft. Lee, Virginia. The second day was at the Jordan Point Golf Course in Prince George, Virginia. Both beautiful courses and I am extremely happy to report, this year Marvin Wilson and Calvin Simon (yes that would be me!) are the “2005 Champions”  with a 64 score! That me with the trophy that is on display in the Birdie room at the Children’s Home. And on a more personal note, I also brought home the “Long Drive – Male – 2005” trophy, and First Place Virginia Birdies Invitationals.

Over all a wonderful and relaxing trip.