The Hatchet – Review of Original P

This article appeared in the September 3, 1998 issue of the Hatchet.


Silver sequins, go-go boots and funkateers invaded The Bayou Sunday night in anticipation of The Original Parliament’s unmistakable funk.

After all, it is funkadelic. What could be expected?

Fuzzy Haskins, Grady Thomas, Calvin Simon and Ray Davis strutted in full costume, playing P-Funk classics such as “Flashlight,” “Cosmic Slop,” “Atomic Dog” and “Testify.”

Glitter, psychedelic lights and trippy ’70s costumes weaved with a mind-blowing groove to energize the crowd into a frenzy for two and a half hours at the Georgetown venue. The group’s unique look and sound made the performance unforgettable.


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